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Ski and snowboard service on MONTANA machines

Only with well sharpened and waxed skis you can enjoy your ride.

Regular made service is a precondition for bigger experiences from your ride, sports performances as well as higher safety for you, including longer lifetime for your skis or snowboards. It is absolutely necessary to service your ski or snowboard after ending or before the start of the winter season. The continuous service should be made with respect to the frequency of your skiing.

The next important factor is a type of the snow surface (natural snow, technical snow, glacier), which directly affects the durability of the edges, including the quality of the running surface.

Ski, snowboard and cross-country sets rental

We offer the complete equipment for downhill skiing and snowboarding including the biologically treated boots. After every lending, we carry out the regular service and setting of the right drop-out values on the ski binding. After telephonic agreement, it is possible to transport there and back your equipment free of charge.

Timbered chalet U Drahníků

accommodation in Dolní Lysečiny

SKI Drahník

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